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Our Services

Education Counselling

We have a good counselling team with experience behind us and we also have built a rich pool of information by constantly adding feedback from students studying abroad. When a prospective student comes to us, our counsellors first gather necessary information regarding educational background and future aspirations. They brief the student about general patterns in overseas education and how he/she personally fits into the picture. Then counsellors present a wide choice of options before the student and help him understand what different choices entail. Students then take some time to think over about choices available to them. After that, counsellors help students to make a shortlist of probable destinations through intelligent choices. All these services are given to students free of cost.


Recruitnet assists you in scheduling the required tests, Filing application forms, scheduling the tests, giving the probable list of universities where the scores can be reported etc. GEC provides imported study materials, CDs and computer-based tests to ensure that you get good scores.

Country/University and Course Selection

Taking into consideration your academic background, financial capabilities, subjects of interest and future plans, we will help you in identifying the right course in the right college/university. We provide indepth information on courses and institutes available based on students Academic and work background and provide personal guidance to help in choosing the right course in the university according to students profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest.

Application Processing

Assistance in preparing the application file and guidance over filling up all necessary information, writing of essays and statements of purposes, validation of academic transcripts and preparation of financial documentation, letter of recommendations and other necessary steps, are given on the basis of a successful strategy to maximise the chance of admissions. We then follow up applications with the universities and press for quick decision.

Follow-up and Securing Admission

We do the necessary follow-up with the universities and press for quick decision .The aim is to secure admissions in the shortest possible time.

Visa Guidance

We provide the guidance in preparing your visa application and necessary documentation enabling you to put in conclusive proof in terms of establishing your academic genuineness, financial stability and roots back to India. We assist our students in the entire processing right from filling up application forms, assistance in preparing financial and other relevant Documents, providing guidance and conducting mock interviews. Once we registered the student as our client, we help the students to secure his or her chosen institutes.

Bank Loan and Travel Arrangements (Value Added Services)

We can assist you with educational loans, foreign exchange formalities and even your travel by booking air tickets at the most competitive rates and shortest of distances.

Accommodation Assistance

Our counselors guide and assist students with different types of accommodation which fit into your needs and budget.

Pre departure briefings

we can organise pre departure sessions / get together for students. In this session we get the opportunity to share with students about their new destination, new culture they are going to face, about the institute they are enrolling for and also making them aware of Do’s and Dont’s while they settles themselves in totally a new environment. This not only allows them to get more confidence but also adjust better in the institute and hence have better performance in the programs of study. This will also help them well informed about the culture, environment and civic life in foreign locales.

Travel Assistance

We also assist students with the booking of flights well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts. Our strategic tie-ups with Airlines and Travel consultants allow us to offer our students best possible rates ! We also provide airport pickup at destinations.